New - Maintenance Request Generator

Project Consulting Group is excited to anounce the creation and offering of the Maintenance Request Generator, the voice of the customer.

  • Can be mounted on or at the machine
  • Improve maintenance response time with email and text notifications
  • Visually appealing with indicators
  • On-screeen log so other machine operators don't enter the same request
  • Maintenace can acknowledge alarms, but still use the CMMS to close work orders
  • No CMMS, we can store data until you are ready, we can help you there too.
  • In the background of this video is a machine status page, we can monitor all your critical assets.

An Industry 4.0 solution, designed to compliment your existing CMMS. 

As a partner with Manufacturing Asset Solutions and Futura Automation we can meet all your CMMS and Industry 4.0 needs. Runs on Weintek CMT3072, larger models avaliable for unique applications.

Demo version here is intergacing and with a MSSQL database running Express Maintenance

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